The ExoShield™ Difference

Watch for new offerings in our family of ExoShield™Liquid Glass products as ThreeBond International is always continuing to innovate and add to this line of revolutionary new products.

Applied only by authorized professionals—select car dealerships and high-end detailers, our products utilize a proprietary aerospace technology. Molecules bond directly to your vehicle’s surfaces forming a highly water-repellant and debris-resistant coating that provides a superior shine that lasts.

ExoShield™ Liquid Glass Coating

  • Maintains a showroom-new factory finish and shine
  • No need to use car wax or polish
  • Saves precious time, money and water requiring only an infrequent, light hosing off, and significantly less car washes
  • 5-Year Warranty on glossiness and shine of painted surfaces
  • Helps reduce visibility of micro abrasions on painted surfaces
  • Warranty stays with the vehicle

ExoShield™ Wheel Defense

  • Maintains “factory new” wheel appearance
  • Brake dust is easily removed with a light hosing off
  • Guards against corrosion from road salt
  • Increases the lasting value of your wheels
  • No worry, no hassle maintenance