• Unrivaled Shine & Protection

Experience our revolutionary new coating product,
ExoShield Liquid Glass™ —an invisible “liquid glass” barrier that creates a lasting, super high-gloss shine on your vehicle’s painted surfaces.

Applied through exclusive authorized professionals, it protects against damaging effects of the sun, weather, acid rain, dirt, brake dust, pollution from traffic or the environment, and plant and animal debris or waste.


Not only will it reduce how frequently you wash your vehicle, but it will eliminate the need to ever use a wax or polish. This highly repellant coating will change the way you think about how to care for your car.


high-gloss shine

on painted surfaces will look like a showroom-new factory finish.

Experience ExoShield
and enjoy the

ease & confidence

that comes with this superior product


Created by ThreeBond International, this unique finish is derived from aerospace technology used on satellites. It bonds at a molecular level to your car’s painted surfaces.

  • Provides a showroom-new factory finish shine
  • No need to wax or polish
  • Saves time, money and water
  • An occasional car wash or light hosing is all that is ever needed

I’ve been blown away by the gloss and hydrophobics of cars leaving my shop coated in ThreeBond ExoShield™ Liquid Glass. Also, their Wheel Defense is the best and easiest way to apply a wheel coating that I’ve ever used.”

Keith W.

My car has never been so easy to care for!”

Kaley S.

My generation had to go through heavy waxing and polishing every single winter to care for our cars…I wish my Dad was still alive to see how easy ExoShield™ makes it for me to care for and protect my car.”

Robin M.

These ExoShield™ products are a game-changer for anyone who cares seriously about their car’s appearance and lasting value.”

Eric R.


ExoShield Liquid GlassTM keeps your car exterior in immaculate condition. It ensures optimal value, or selling price, when you decide to sell or trade your vehicle.


How will cleaning and caring for my car be different?

There’s no need to ever use wax or polish. Cleaning will be reduced to occasional washing or periodic hosing off with water.

May I wash my car or take it through a touchless car wash?

Yes, the finish will not be affected provided a mild wax-free detergent is used.

What if my vehicle is involved in an accident?

Following any required body-work, authorized professionals can apply ExoShield Liquid Glass to required panels, achieving a seamless appearance.